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Upon visiting St. Mary's you will not only be astounded at the beauty of the church but the warm welcomes of the congregation!

The grounds surrounding the church building are beautifully landscaped and the entrance to the church is through the southwest end of the building. Inside the narthex, swing-hinged doors open into the nave of the church proper. The entry portal and the swing doors are surmounted by stained-glass windows.

St. Mary's church is contiguous with its Parish Hall. The original Parish Hall facility had an addition in 1990 that measures 45 ft. by 64 ft. and provided additional classrooms, new restrooms, a choir room, and storage room, all of which are peripheral to the main gathering hall. The addition provides a new ramp-equipped entrance. 

Our Values

We provide a haven for spiritual needs of all who are searching for traditional worship, fellowship, a strong family feeling and an interest in community ministries. The sense of family is so warm, welcoming, and intimate at St. Mary’s-Fleeton, parishioners often express a sense of personal ownership, remarking that this is “my church.”

We possess a charitable, mission-oriented attitude in doing what can be done for individuals within the church, and for members of surrounding communities. 


We embrace change in a traditionally fair-minded and open fashion, but with a modest, conservative and cautionary approach.

We subscribe to a sense of humility and tolerance characteristic of the Episcopal Church.

We praise God through music. This is a very strong point in our church. Despite our small number, we are blessed with an enthusiastic choir, directed by a highly talented musician!

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